-Skate sharpening and inspection-
Sharpening radius-
“Traditional sharpening uses a grinding stone to create a groove or hollow between the edges of the blade.  The depth of this hollow determines the performance of the skate and is a matter of the individual preference.  Simply put, the deeper the hollow, the more the blade digs into the ice.  This creates “bite” but the trade off is that it decreases the ease of your glide.  So you basically have to choose between gliding speed and grip.”         –Blackstone ™

​We use a Butterfly gage to inspect the whole blade front to back to make sure its level all the way through it.  As well as checking over the laces, rivits, and the plastic/metal frame of no weak points to cause any issues or incidents from the wear and tear of skating.

Final Touch-
The last thing done is a flat sand stone to smooth the sides of the blade to leave a clean finish.   

-Sanitizing Services-

-All sports equipment from ice skates to football pads will fit inside and are safe to clean!

-We are able to fit a full set of hockey gear in the machine as a referance and even run the bag after we remove the gear!

-The cycle to clean them is a short process using ozone that is converted from air being pulled inside the machine and then a revert stage that turns it back into air in the end.
-Even though it is a quick process (15 minutes) we still like to let the gear air dry as well as spraying a bactericide on them to help protect also.  If the equipment was wet prior to receiving them they come out that way so in turn holding the gear for 24-48 hours helps immensely from keeping the bacteria from coming back.

*Here are some images and descriptions of items the sanitizer helps with removing from gear. 
Fungus and type of mold
The Flu
A type of Bacteria
C. Diff a type of bacteria